Utility Management Service

Three Maintenance Services offer a comprehensive utility management service. By monitoring energy trends, we aim to reduce utility costs for all of our clients through our business utility procurement service. Through a combination of strategic procurement of energy suppliers and schemes for energy reduction in your premises, we aim to deliver on our commitment to keeping utility costs low to help improve our clients’ bottom lines.

Many organisations overpay every year on utilities. By trusting our team of experts with the management of utilities for your organisation, we will prepare a strategy that will reduce energy consumption and save you money. Our team is experienced in analysing each of our clients’ requirements to identify saving’s opportunities.

Using our in-depth knowledge of changing trends in the energy sector, in combination with our analysis of your utility usage, we will make sure you are getting the best rates from utilities providers and that you only pay for the energy that you use. We will also ensure that you are always getting excellent value for money from your utilities while eliminating the stress of having to shop around for the best rates yourselves.

Our team will help you implement energy efficiency measures, with both economic and environmental benefits to help you cut costs and improve productivity at the same time as reducing carbon emissions. We will help you with your SECR Compliance requirements and ensure you comply with ESOS Phase 2 and ESOS Phase 3. We can also help your organisation to further reduce energy expenditure by planning and implementing energy efficiency schemes. We know that intelligent utilities management, combined with schemes for reducing the amount of energy you consume, can produce fantastic cost-saving results.

We offer tailored energy efficiency schemes to our clients to enable them to save money and reduce their carbon footprints. We will help you meet targets for cost-cutting on your utilities expenditure, help save you valuable time on shopping around for the best utility suppliers so you can focus on your everyday operations and monitor trends in the energy sector closely to ensure you are always getting the best value for money from your utility suppliers.

We will help you to implement energy saving schemes that will greatly reduce the amount of energy you consume unnecessarily and help you improve your brand image by boosting your reputation as a sustainable, energy conscious organisation committed to reducing its carbon footprint. We also offer staff training schemes to help your organisation use energy more wisely.

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We provide a site visit and consultation service. We provide no obligation contractual quotations and will discuss how we can help your business. Our agent will discuss your facility requirements with you and provide you with professional advice.

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Our utility management services offer:

  • Business Utility Procurement
  • ESOS Phase 2
  • ESOS Phase 3
  • SECR Compliance

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